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Designer towel radiators - Modern towel radiators - Luxury towel radiators - Designer heated towel rails | Our designer and unique luxury towel radiators created by renowned Italian and French designers will add a special touch to your bathroom. The perfectly selected modern towel radiator may achieve the desired effect from the natural to the chic or elegant.


Designer towel radiators are designed to satisfy high aesthetic needs, which practice follows the tendency having been present in radiator manufacturing for more than a decade, namely the concept that radiators are not only functional objects but also important items of interior design with high aesthetic value.
Modern towel radiators, due to their incredibly rich shape, colour and size selection, are installable in every bathroom. These luxury towel radiators are dreamed up by world-famous designers, who often apply innovative natural materials, such as stones to elevate towel radiators to a higher level.
Naturally, the unique designer towel radiators are to be installed mostly in more spacious bathrooms, where there is enough room for these modern towel radiators to properly show up their incredible shape.