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Create your perfect customized quality radiator!

Select a specific model, size or output, choose the colour and we manufacture your perfect radiator according to your special order.

Our webshop offers around 250 different designer radiators. In our rich selection you will definitely find the one you need for your home:

Radiators for each room of your home, for different purposes and a wide range of designs
▪ designer radiators, bathroom radiators, luxury radiators, children's room radiators
▪ heated tower rails, kitchen radiators, room divider radiators, coat rack radiators
▪ flat panel radiators, tubular radiators, column radiators, low temperature radiators
▪ vertical radiators, horizontal radiators

Radiators in a wide variety of materials
▪ aluminium radiators, cast iron radiators, brass radiators, glass radiators
▪ mirror radiators, stainless steel radiators, steel radiators, stone radiators, wooden radiators

Radiators for all heating types
▪ for central heating only
▪ dual fuel radiators, dual fuel towel rails
▪ electric radiators, electric towel rails

Most of our radiators in 208 RAL Classic colours
▪ as well as chrome finishes
▪ black radiators, grey radiators, red radiators, green radiators etc.

Radiators in a large selection of sizes, styles and designs
▪ everything from the strikingly ultra modern designer radiators to the eco friendly natural stone radiators.
▪ contemporary radiators, stylish radiators, unusual radiators, art radiators

Each radiator is manufactured individually for your needs and specifications!

If you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:
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