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Contemporary radiators - Artistic radiators - Funky radiators - Unusual radiators | Contemporary radiators, validated by the increasing comfort needs, create the perfect combination of fashion and function. They are characterized by a design which pays particular attention to details without neglecting of value in use. Thanks to the top production technology, the cooperation of manufacturers and world-famous designers these contemporary radiators exceed average design radiators. They are heating devices, which carry the spirit of contemporary design into high quality heating technology with its innovative shapes and forms dreamed by famous designers. These days exciting and incomparable art radiators are made through the work of designers. Each of these unusual radiators creates a special atmosphere in the home and makes it stylish.


Contemporary radiators are such unusual radiators the appearance of which is even more hip and trendy; at the same time they, naturally, are high quality products of the most recent technologies. Top designers are continuously refining industrial design technologies; their funky radiators are designed for customers who are seeking the extraordinary and unique and who tend to notice the novelty is the most common everyday items.
In our selection of contemporary radiators you can find models that suit not only extravagant interior spaces. Apparently there are numerous customers who are searching for top category designer radiators for their homes and offices furnished with low-key luxury. To satisfy these expectations there are artistic radiators available designed with fine elegance and timeless forms. Several models of them reflect the excellent handmade craft of industrial designers.
We can safely say that the above described rich selection of contemporary radiators properly represents the advances of modern design, and the application of new technologies and natural materials in this industry.