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Living room radiators - Radiators for living room - Sitting room radiators - Lounge radiators | There is no doubt that a trendy and coloured designer radiator in your living room is just as important and decorative as a lamp or a curtain. It does not only provide the appropriate temperature, but it also turns the room into a good-looking and comfortable area of your home. A general-purpose living room radiator is versatile enough to suit any interior. However, if you install an excellent contemporary radiator, it will surely be the hotspot with its innovative and attractive design in your living room.
Please note that, due to several factories are suspending production in August, lead time of delivery for their models will increase. This is indicated on the page of each affected model.


Buying a basic radiator for your living room is easy, but you may have more choices than you think. We offer a unique collection of living room radiators from traditional radiators to extravagant and ultramodern contemporary radiators created by designers. These designer radiators provide an exciting and luxury effect to your sitting room. Heat output is also an important factor in your radiator choice. In our wide selection of living room radiators you will find cast iron radiators, modern steel radiators, stylish aluminium radiators and also innovative stone radiators. Create your own designer radiator for your living room. You can find perfect ideas here, to choose the best living room radiator for your home.