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Luxury room radiators - Modern radiators - Posh radiators | These luxury radiators make interior designers 'and homeowners' dreams come true. It often requires an expert eye to realise that these pieces are in fact radiators and their function is simply heating the rooms. Their chic and attractive design makes a stunning impact in any room. These luxury room radiators look equally stylish in a modern or traditional setting. We offer a complete spectrum of luxury radiators and decorative radiators meeting the highest quality and design standards, mostly from Italian and French designers.

Please note that, due to several factories suspending production in August, the lead time for a range of models will increase. Please inquire about expected delivery times by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What makes a radiator a luxury one? The answer may be the same as in the case of cars, houses or watches: the exceptionally high quality, the use of latest technologies and the design of artistic level.
Luxury room radiators, as members of a new generation of heating systems, are a perfect combination of maximal functionality and artistic value.
Customers of modern radiators not only enjoy the opportunity to use excellent heating devices in their homes and offices but also decorate their home with elegant posh radiators with surprising design effects or designer radiators showing clarity of style and fitting smoothly in the surroundings.
The beautiful stone, steel, aluminium, wooden, glass and mirror radiators of excellent quality enrich the furnishings in every room.
Manufacturers make sure that these excellent modern radiators are manufactured in a great variety of colours and sizes, also in vertical and horizontal versions, which makes them suitable for any room of the house and fit interiors of various colour sets.
The luxurious modern radiators of the above selection with their extraordinary design are more and more strongly reshaping the previous concepts of the radiator.