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To select your radiator you need to supply five data:
Model (brand name)
Output (Watts)
Connection (Where will the radiator get connected to the heating system?)
Space available (Maximum height and width of the radiator)
Colour (you can choose from the RAL Classic colour scale)

To find the radiator which suits your needs best choose the model you like from our selection. To make sure you will find the ideal radiator select more than one model, as it is possible that the model of your first choice for some reason is not suitable for that particular room. It is also important to know what material the radiators already connected to the system are made of, as the two major materials, steel and aluminium, used in the same system, might lead to corrosion damage. For this reason do not buy an aluminium radiator if the other radiators of the system are steel radiators.

Heat output is a crucial factor in your choice. This feature determines the heat emission capacity of your radiator and affects the size of the radiator as well. It is not worth buying a bigger size or higher output radiator than necessary, as it will be more expensive and take up more space. On the other hand, you should make sure that your home is not underheated due to a radiator of lower than necessary heating output. Your plumber or heating engineer should be able to calculate the exact size you require and to calculate your heat output requirements. The heat output is measured in Watts or BTU (1 BTU= 0.293 Watts, 1 Watt = 3.412 BTU).

As next step you should provide data on connection features for your already existing system. The most frequent connections are:
Bottom-Opposite-Ends (The connections come out of each end of the radiator at the bottom and they come horizontally from the radiator.)
Bottom-Bottom-Opposite-Ends (Many of the designer radiators and towel rails have connections which leave the radiator on the underside at each end and come vertically from the radiator.)
Bottom centre (with the connecting pitch 50 mm)
Most radiators on our website have 4 side connections of ½ inch, so they can be easily installed in any heating systems.
As some radiators of special size or unique design might have specific connection requirements, please consult a heating engineer or a plumber if your heating system has not been built yet. This way where the pipes come out of the wall/floor can be taken into consideration making sure the pipes stay hidden and the installation is perfect aesthetically as well.

When planning our home we would like to use space as efficiently as possible. The same is true for radiator space. The space available might be a decisive factor in finding the perfect radiator. The most important features are height and width, but it is also important to calculate depth (the distance from the wall to the most forward point of the radiator) as well.

Last but not least, you should select the colour of the radiator. You can find help to choose the perfect colour in the Colours menu point. When you choose a colour from this page, please remember that different PC screens vary and whilst we offer an accurate depiction of hue and shade on our screen, it may not be as accurate when viewed on another screen.

If you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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