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Column radiators - Traditional radiators - Victorian radiators | Classic and efficient column radiators heat your room while achieving great aesthetic appeal in your home. These days column radiators are one of the most popular radiator types thanks to their endless variety of sizes, the wide range of choice in length and width of tubes together with the flexibility of space options between tubes and columns. Such unlimited options allow for designers' dreams come true; they break from the norm and easily become pieces of art. As they radiate value, quality and style, they range from ultra modern chic designer radiators to old cast-iron style radiators. These column radiators move easily from period homes to contemporary interiors functioning as home radiators or office radiators.


Modern column radiators can be considered the successors of the first radiators that started to be produced at industrial level at the beginning of the 19th century.
Cast iron column radiators that are available today are apparently the perfect copy – at least regarding their appearance – of the radiators manufactured more than one hundred years ago.
Modern column radiators, having started to be widely used since the 1970s, are made of iron and generally are not decorated, but still are very popular and not without reason. For one thing, these traditional radiators, thanks to their construction, belong to those types of radiators that have exceptionally high heat output. Why? Because of the size of column radiators can be considerably increased not only in height and width but also in depth. (Depending on the number of vertical tubes in one section these radiators are called two column radiators, three column radiators and so on up to six column radiators.) This feature considerably increases the output of the radiator.
Another reason for their high popularity is that – despite the fact that these tubes are vertical – these steel column radiators are manufactured in versions both with vertical and horizontal orientation, moreover, in numerous sizes. Consequently, no matter where radiators are needed in the house the best column radiators for the space can be definitely found.
Last but not least, an old white radiator can be easily replaced by a coloured column radiator, which, at the same time, will refresh the atmosphere of the room.