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Radiators used to be considered something that was an essential but boring part of our homes, something that should be hidden from the eye. The best radiator was such an inconspicuous part of the house that nobody noticed it. Those times are gone. Today’s radiators are not boring functional items any more. The interior design problem how to make the radiator invisible has ceased to exist; radiators have become design items that have their own aesthetic value. Contemporary design concepts have penetrated the area of this segment of interior design as well. This new design concept has turned radiators into important decorative pieces of our homes. Today when planning the interior of our homes we will reckon with the aesthetic features of our designer radiators as well.

In this new era the source of warmth in our home takes an incredible variety of innovative forms and shapes. A lot of homeowners who earlier considered only functionality never thought soon they would appreciate the stylish beauty of their radiators. These days they are trying to select coloured designer radiators and heated towel rails according to the style of their homes. 

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Some contemporary designer radiators imitate traditional classic old-style radiators. These days, however, the new trend to adjust these otherwise purely functional items to the different interior styles has prevailed. This new trend achieves even more than that. Several radiator manufacturers commission designers to create their new radiator models some of which are real pieces of decorative art or have even become multifunctional pieces of interior design. These innovative designer radiators open up a new perspective for those looking for unique and stylish heating solutions instead of the dull traditional radiator. Homeowners who go to great lengths to plan the smallest details to create a harmonious and stylish home cannot afford to install an ordinary-looking outdated heater, which would stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the overall effect.

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Our website offers nearly 250 designer radiator models for all heating types (hot water, electric and dual fuel), for several purposes (room and bathroom models) and of different qualities. You can select radiators from the same radiator model family for the whole of your home or, due to our exceptionally wide selection, you can install different models in every room (designer room radiators, designer towel radiators, luxury radiators and luxury bathroom radiators).

As we offer heaters in a wide range of colours, you will definitely find the perfect colour that matches the colour scheme of your home. Most of our designer radiators can be ordered in 208 RAL Classic colours.

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We offer a unique collection of radiators from traditional radiators to extravagant and ultra modern contemporary radiators created by renowned French and Italian designers. These designer radiators provide an exciting and unique effect to your home. Naturally, our heated towel rails have also become an integral part of modern and stylish bathrooms.

Heat output is also an important factor in your choice. In our wide selection you will find cast iron radiators with high heating efficiency, aluminium radiators giving heat immediately when needed and also innovative stone radiators emitting soft and homogeneous heat at low temperatures as well.

All in all, we recommend that you should not ignore the high interior design properties of radiators but select the perfect radiator from our website. Choose the suitable radiator model, size, heat output and the colour matching your home, buy it and we will manufacture your dream designer radiator for you.

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