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Central heating radiators - Room radiators - Home radiators - Radiator Heating| In this modern age you might feel the need to create a warm and harmonious home, so interior design will play a decisive role in what kind of central heating radiators you put in your rooms. We are aware that you will have special requirements for your living room, bedroom, children's room, etc. In our assortment you will find the designer radiators to create a uniform effect in your home or, if you want to make each room unique and special; our webstore offers solutions that will make every room in your house look spectacular. Our website brings you an exquisite selection of striking and distinctively different radiators: different fuels, different finishes, different sizes, different styles and designs. Central heating radiators - Home radiators - Radiators UK 


The central heating radiators displayed above are offered to heat houses and flats with the central heating system, which is the most common form of heating in the UK. Central heating radiators use hot water generated by a boiler (the three most common boilers are combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers) to warm the air in a room.
Given that the room radiators offered by us have a pleasing appearance, they do not have to be hidden, so they do not require radiator covers or cabinets. These designer central heating radiators make each room in your home not only warm and comfortable but also can perfectly complement any interior.
Among central heating radiators different types can be found. One of the most popular room radiator types is the tubular radiator, the main advantage of which is the countless possibilities of tube profiles and variations. Many people insist on the appearance of traditional central heating radiators, which are also known as column radiators. Today one can choose very similar ones made of steel in more than two hundred colours. Panel radiators also are sought after for use as home radiators, because they are the best known among wall radiators and many people like their simple appearance.
Of course the choice of room radiator is determined not only by one’s taste but also by the available space. In the case of vertical central heating radiators it is mostly the width that matters, while both the width and the height are important in the case of horizontal central heating radiators, (for example, if they are to be installed under the windows.). Fortunately, several home radiator models are available in such a huge range of sizes (up to thousands), that they can be even considered as bespoke radiators.
It is also important to mention that the majority of these coloured home radiators are general-purpose ones, which means that they work perfectly in kitchens as well as in bedrooms or in living rooms.