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What is the best colour for a radiator?

Written by Friday, 28 December 2018 18:39

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Are grey radiators cooler than traditional white radiators?

Today when we are buying a new radiator, the heating power and the right dimensions are not the only factors that matter; the design and the appearance are at least as important, especially the colour.
The colour of a radiator should suit the colour scheme and atmosphere of the room's interior. Not too daring customers generally choose anthracite radiators instead of white ones because they harmonize very well with all interiors. However, the bolder ones, who are not afraid of use powerful colours, already buy red or yellow radiators these days.

modern designer radiator sunsetcoloured radiator Sunset model

grey radiator vikinggrey radiator Viking vertical radiator

yellow radiator rexyellow radiator - Rex model

red radiator essyred radiator - Essy model

We also need to take into account the light conditions because colours look different in different lighting conditions. For example, cold light enhances cold colours and weakens warm tones. Regarding the optical effects, black radiators look smaller than white radiators of the same size.

black bathroom radiator horoscopeblack bathroom radiator - Horoscop model

cream radiator zumbacream radiator Zumba horizontal model

coloured radiators leagoocoloured radiators - Leagoo model

yellow radiator forumyellow radiator - Forum vertical model

brown radiator maxbrown radiator Max vertical model

Colours influence our feelings regarding heat and mood. Warm colours can give you an up to 2-3 degrees warmer feel, so you can easily decide whether a cream radiator or a dark blue one would be a better option for your bedroom. However, it is also true that people have different colour preferences because we perceive colours differently, causing different reactions by each individual.
All in all, the colour choice is very important as colours have a much greater impact on us than we might initially think.

pink radiator rimepink radiator - Rime model

antracite radiator graceanthracite radiator - Grace model

green radiator hornetgreen radiator Hornet model

blue radiator cascadeblue radiator - Cascade horizontal model

grey designer radiator speedgrey radiator - Speed model

coloured bathroom radiator graffiticoloured radiators - Graffiti model

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