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Cast iron radiators in the colours of the rainbow

Written by Friday, 03 February 2017 17:08

cast iron radiator pink

The success of the old style radiators

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The old saying is true – There’s nothing new under the sun. The nearly 150-year-old cast iron radiator is popular again, of course its coloured and modernized versions.

coloured cast iron radiators

cast iron radiator pink

Although radiators are made of special materials such as stone, glass or wood today, which were absolutely unthinkable at the time of birth of the radiator, the cast iron models made in the style of early last century are gaining popularity among customers these days.

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Certainly the reason for success of these old style radiators is the current nostalgia wave. Obviously, they fit well in period homes, but their versions in vibrant colours match perfectly other apartments as well.

nostalgia radiators

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There is a wide selection of classic cast iron radiators. They are available with rich ornate decorations and with a smooth ‘old school’ design as well. Customers order them not only in simple anthracite or old penny colours, but also in striking ones, such as pink, purple, yellow and red.

old style radiators

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ornate cast iron radiators

It is worth mentioning that a cast iron radiator heats up slowly, but it keeps the heat longer than others after switching off the heating. On the other hand, it is also important that such traditional radiators are extremely heavy, the average weight of a 80x100 cm size one exceeds 150 kilos.

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