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Bathroom radiators - Towel rail radiators - Radiators for bathroom - Bathroom radiators online | Bathroom radiators certainly are an indispensable, and at the same time, striking addition to any bathroom. Excellent heat output, practicality and aesthetic appeal make bathroom radiators extremely popular. Choose from a wide selection of heated towel rail radiators in a range of sizes to suit just about every bathroom and all heating types. Our bathroom radiators are made with several – curved, flat, triangular, rectangular, oval, large and small diameter – tube profiles.
Please note that, due to several factories are suspending production in August, lead time of delivery for their models will increase. This is indicated on the page of each affected model.


Buying a bathroom radiator or towel radiator for your bathroom is easy, but you may have more choices than you think. Our bathroom radiators are designed to heat bathrooms and keep your towels dry with stylish design. We offer you the best solution for your bathroom heating with wide range of designer bathroom radiators. Where to buy a coloured bathroom radiator? You can find bathroom radiators in RAL colours (red radiators, black radiators, grey radiators, cream radiators, radiators in 200 colours). .