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Heating upgrade

Written by Friday, 18 May 2018 08:57

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Is the replacement of heating radiators necessary?

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There is an increasing need for home improvements to reach energy efficiency. Of course, the ideal solution would be to carry out the home insulation, the replacing of old windows and the modernisation of the heating system together. However, we usually do not have enough money to do all these together, therefore the boiler and / or radiator replacement will remain.

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Today's new, modern energy efficient condensing boilers are made to work on low-temperature heating systems. However, if we go over to this heating system, we must calculate with the fact that we need to replace all the water of lower existing radiators as they cannot provide the same heat output using lower-temperature.

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If we do not want to spend too much money, heating upgrades can also mean that we only replace the corroded and old pieces of the existing radiators with modern, environmentally friendly and – last but not least – eye-catching designer heating devices. The range – in terms of material, size, colour and function – is so wide that it really is only our wallet limits.

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