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Seeking a good-looking modern radiator?

Written by Tuesday, 02 May 2017 21:45

vertikal radiator viking

 We would like to draw your attention to the avant-garde Viking radiator


It is true that many people insist on traditional flat radiators, but a lot of people who have to replace their old radiator do not want the same one, they rather prefer a modern cool model to make their home more modern. We would like to call the attention of these latter customers to the avant-garde Viking radiator.

cool designer radiator viking

The unique appearance of this designer radiator is due to the different diameters of the rectangular tubes. These vertical tubes with different profiles and seemingly random location make this radiator thrilling.

avant garde radiator viking

Since the Viking radiator is available in horizontal and vertical versions, it can be well designed to fit several sizes of wall spaces. It looks extremely decorative on high, large walls, but it also looks great under a window or a staircase. The fact that both versions are available in various sizes is also a help for the installation of this room radiator. In addition, it is available in nearly 200 different RAL Classic colours, including 5- 6 satin ones.

 vertikal radiator viking

There cannot be any problems about the radiator's output. The bigger-dimension pieces provide over 1000 Watts.

horizontal radiator viking

The explanation for the slightly higher price of the Viking is that - on the one hand - the unique appearance and - on the other hand - the fact that this radiator is supplied with valves by the manufacturer, in contrast to most of other radiators.

modern radiator viking

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