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Narrow towel radiators

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When the available wall space is limited

It is not easy to equip a bathroom where the available space is limited in a way that all necessary equipment can fit while you have enough space to move. In this case you need a practical narrow bathroom radiator since you must resolve both heating and towel drying.

modern radiators garden

Garden stone bathroom radiator

There are lots of kinds of bathroom radiators on the market however you could not find a proper one after all when there is narrow wall space for it, because the majority of towel radiators are 45-75 centimetres in width.

bathroom radiator forum.3

Forum towel radiator

Of course, there are some practical models that offer a perfect solution for small bathrooms, where every centimetre counts. In addition, not only steel tubular radiators, but also different types - stone, glass, chrome, stainless steel radiators - can be found among them.

narrow heated towel rail gekko 01

Gekko Narrow heated towel rail

Without doubt, the Gekko towel radiator and Forum bathroom radiator win the competition of narrow radiators. The former model comes 20 centimetres in width while the latter model is available from 14 centimetres.

glass bathroom radiator dream 03

Dream glass bathroom radiator

The narrowest stone radiators you can select (such as the Icarus and Garden models) are 30 centimetres in width, glass radiators are available (such as Dream and Babette models) in 40 cm centimetres.
As for the traditional heated towel rails, the Metis, Nux, Morpheus and Arsenal models come under the narrow category.

chrome heated towel rails arsenal

Arsenal chrome heated towel rail


Babette glass electric radiator

Finally, it is important to note that the vast majority of the above mentioned models can be bought in electric or dual fuel versions.

narrow bathroom radiator icarus

Icarus stone towel radiator

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