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Wall radiators - from the ordinary to the expensive ones

Written by Thursday, 19 May 2016 16:10

designer radiator elite

Giant strides forward in the radiator industry

Although many people still consider not only unique models designed by a well-known designer, but also ordinary coloured radiators too as a novelty, the fact is, that the radiator industry has made giant strides forward in the last couple of decades.
These days it is obvious that the most common radiators can be ordered in 1-2 hundred different colours to perfectly fit to colour scheme of the furnishings of the living room, tiles of bathrooms and even the blankets of beds.

wall radiator cascade 03

Cascade tubular radiator

column radiator essy 10

Essy column radiator

wall radiator domino 03

Domino column radiator

Today's conventional wall radiators are not comparable to the earlier ones. They have become from engineering accessories to objects for home decoration by a wide variety of tube profiles and special solutions. Not only their appearance has become more modern, but also they have got new functions – think about, for example the practical coat rack radiators and room divider radiators.

tubular radiator cord 09

Cord horizontal radiator

designer radiator elite

Elite modern radiator

wall radiator cord 03

Cord vertical radiator

We must mention the unique models, which prove perfectly that the design and innovation in the radiator industry go hand in hand. Some of you might not even recognise a radiator when seeing such decorative designer models.

industrial style radiator tornado 11

Tornado industrial style radiator

button designer radiator

Button contemporary radiator

It is important to emphasize that if you buy an either modern but ordinary or an unusual designer radiator – depending on your taste or budget –, they are equally good quality radiators you will receive.

gold radiator cleopatra 01

Cleopatra designer radiator

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