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Central heating radiators

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The most common heating radiators in UK

Central heating radiators (also known as hot water radiators) are the most common heating devices in the UK, because people mostly use water radiator systems in their homes (whereby the water gets heated to 75°C by the boiler or to 55°C by the condensation boiler).

coloured cast iron radiator tiffany 10

Tiffany Light cast iron radiator

cast iron radiators lille 09

Lille cast iron radiator

horizontal radiator marimba 10

Marimba steel radiator

Although the traditional cast iron radiators have come back into vogue, the majority of radiators are made of steel. However following the latest trends, several central heating radiators are also made of natural stone or recyclable aluminium. Depending on the type of radiator you opt for, the benefits can vary.

vertical radiators domino 10

Domino steel radiator

designer radiator olympia 09

Olympia stone radiator

aluminium radiators mosaic 09

Mosaic aluminium designer radiator

Because of their moderate prices and high heat outputs, convector radiators and tubular radiators with a simple design are the best-selling products. These hot water radiators are also very adaptable due to the wide range of available sizes.


Betty convector radiator

design radiator agatha

Agatha tubular radiator

cascade horizontal radiator.5

Cascade tubular radiator

Obviously, the radiator industry has also a high-priced luxury segment. This segment, among others, also includes unique and exclusive central heating radiators crafted by high-end designers. These designer radiators come in a variety of shapes and, aside from being functional, they can enhance the look of a room.

Creative 2011 A4

Creative designer radiator

tribal luxury radiator

Tribal exclusive radiator

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