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Coloured radiators - harmonic and inspiring homes

Written by Monday, 19 January 2015 14:09

hallway radiator boom

What color should we choose?

Interior designers and decorators advise us not only to rely on our taste but to also take into account the dimensions and the function of our rooms when we choose the colours used in our home. It is also worth heeding this advice when we buy designer radiators.

design radiator elite

Elite brown radiator

flat radiator magnum.2

Magnum black radiator

If we choose the right colours, we can increase or decrease the space optically (especially in the case of large designer radiators). As a general rule, dark colours tend to make the space look smaller, while light colours show it – similarly to shiny or mirrored surfaces – make it look larger.

hallway radiator boom

Boom anthracite grey radiator

best radiator dream glass

Dream horizontal radiator

When we select the colour of the designer radiators we are planning to buy, we also should consider the function of room. For example, the bedroom is primarily used for resting, so it is better to choose calm, pale, neutral colours.

stone radiator origine

Origine beige stone radiator

bedroom radiator forum

Forum grey radiator

By contrast, vibrant colours can give dynamism to study rooms and kitchens. In the bathroom, chrome-plated surfaces and light shades provide a sense of cleanliness, unlike darker colours.

column radiators miss

Miss red column radiator

kitchen radiators everest forum

Everest and Forum kitchen radiators

bathroom radiator decorative horizontal

Decorative chrome bathroom radiator

Also, keep in mind the harmony – the colour of existing furniture, curtains, bedsheets etc. – when choosing a radiator: Those who are seeking bolder and more exciting impacts can use divergent and more vivid colours, especially if they want to buy a modern and unique radiator. For those who prefer peace and harmony, the radiators with nice and warm colours might be the best choice.

vertical radiators cascade.jpg

Cascade purple vertical radiator

designer radiator delta

Delta vertical radiator

modern radiators strech

Stretch bathroom radiator

horizontal towel radiator rime

Rime pink bathroom radiator

However, it is also known that people react very differently to colours. Bright yellow fills up many people with energy, while it is simply irritating for others. Blue is often identified with the feeling of coldness, while others consider it – as the color of the sky and the sea – the colour of tranquilit.

designer radiator incognito 4

Incognito designer radiator

cascade horizontal radiator.5

Cascade blue horizontal radiator

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