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Two unusual shaped towel radiators

Written by Monday, 20 April 2015 13:47

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Visual impact and utility

The eye catching appearance of the Serpentes and the Snail towel radiators is created by using the unusual of shapes. They can complement perfectly any modern bathrooms. Moreover, these towel radiators are even able to give an up-to-date character to an ordinary bathroom as well.


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Undoubtedly, the function of some designer radiators is overshadowed by the idea sometimes, but it is not true in relation of the Serpentes and the Snail. These stunning models are excellently suitable for drying towels or small clothes and warming bathroom apart from giving a strong visual impact.

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Both bathroom radiators come in two sizes and you can buy them in three versions, namely as a stainless steel radiator, as a chrome radiator and as well as a coloured radiator (in nearly 40 colours).

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In addition to above mentioned features, we do not have to deal with the accessories, because the Italian manufacturer supplies these hot water radiators with valves, which are specially designed for them.

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