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Horizontal bathroom radiators come in a variety of designs

Written by Friday, 23 January 2015 13:29

horizontal towel radiator loop

You do not have to spend time on search

There are quite a few people who would like to buy a horizontal bathroom radiator as there are many bathrooms where only a wide and low towel radiator can be installed. Obviously, the manufacturers try to satisfy the customers' demands widely.

snail towel radiator.22

Snail modern towel radator

The fact is that fewer horizontal bathroom radiators appear on the market than high and narrow heated towel rails, since – due to lots of small square meter bathrooms – there is more interest in the latter versions. But those who are seeking a different size model, do not have to spend too much time searching either.

green radiator helene

Helene heated towel rail

loop towel radiator.1

Loop horizontal bathroom radiator

Horizontal towel radiators are mostly sought by those who have a bathroom with a window, under which a wide and low model can be fitted perfectly. Additionally, for lack of available wall space, a towel warmer can only be installed over the bathtub, the toilet or bidet in many bathrooms.

horizontal towel radiator rime

Rime horizontal bathroom radiator

Rectangular models are also worth considering. These towel radiators can also be fitted very well over bathtubs and – depending on the style of the bathroom – both traditional and modern styles are available.

towel radiator decorative

Brass towel radiator

gondola heated towel rail

Gondola towel radiator

Finally, it should be added that the customers can also be satisfied with the wide range because these horizontal bathroom radiators are available in several styles, materials (for example stone radiators, brass radiators and steel radiators) and types (for example flat radiators and tubular radiators).

bathroom radiator decorative horizontal

Decorative Horizontal radiator

towel radiator sculptural

Scluptural stone bathroom radiator

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