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Aluminium radiators - more modern than you would think

Written by Wednesday, 10 September 2014 11:48

gold radiator cleopatra

Attractive, efficient, environmentally friendly

The use of the aluminium radiators so much preferred in Continental Europe has begun to gain ground in UK due to the fact that they are already available not only as a slightly ugly panel radiator but also in a fashionable modern appearance created by famous designers.

designer aluminium radiator milano 

Mila designer aluminium radiator

You cannot notice the difference in aesthetics when you compare a designer steel radiator with one made from aluminium, because you can buy aluminium radiators which just look like a column or a tubular steel radiator. Moreover, you can also find ones with attractive front panel.

aluminiums radiators como napoli

Como and Napoli aluminium radiators

Obviously, the modern aluminium radiators are available in various sizes and 200 colours as well to suit different shapes, sizes and colour schemes of rooms.

 aluminium column radiator livorno

Livorno aluminium column radiator

aluminium radiator capri

Capri aluminium radiator

Let's have a look at some important features of aluminium radiators regarding efficiency and environment.

aluminium panel radiator torino

Torino aluminium panel radiator

Because aluminium has a better heat transfer than steel, aluminium radiators heat up quickly and give a significantly higher output compared with steel radiators of similar dimensions. But it should be mentioned that they retain heat shorter than conventional radiators when the temperature control turns the boiler off. It is also important to know that fitting one aluminium radiator into a steel system is likely to increase the chance of corrosion.

aluminium bathroom radiator rimini

Rimini aluminium bathroom radiator

Finally, it is worth mentioning about these aluminium radiators that they are 100% recyclable, so they are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

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