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Horizontal radiators - perfect for useless spaces

Written by Senia Radiator Sunday, 02 March 2014 10:05

horizontal radiator carlos

Considerations when buying new designer radiators

Horizontal radiators are the most popular – and for good reasons. First and foremost, traditional radiators were usually produced in horizontal versions, therefore when the replacement of old radiators is necessary, the installation of modern horizontal design radiators is the easiest.

 marimba horizontal tubular radiator

Marimba coloured radiator

chrome radiator agatha

Agatha chrome horizontal radiator

The use of space is also one of the factors that ought to be considered. Obviously, horizontal radiators are suitable for low or long empty wall sections, and we can hang paintings/photos or install wall shelves above them.

 horizontal radiator essy

Alaska column radiator

They are also well-placed next to stairs, under windows and bay windows as they enable us to save space in the room.

horizontal radiator carlos

Carlos horizontal radiator

The addition to utilizing "dead spaces" and making the room more stylish (as today design radiators are available in a very wide variety of designs and prices on the market), horizontal radiators can also facilitate a small optical deception: If we do not buy a smooth panel radiator but a tubular one, it can "stretch" the room with its horizontal tubes.

horizontal radiator forum.4

Forum flat panel radiator

Therefore a horizontal radiator is a great tool for giving the impression that a room is wider than it really is.

design radiator max

Max designer radiator

horizontal radiator tornado.2

Tornado industrial style radiator

horizontal radiator agatha 03

Agatha horizontal radiator

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