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Which central heating radiators should we choose? A single or a double radiator?

Written by Thursday, 17 October 2013 16:23

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Heat output matter

When we buy a new central heating radiator, we usually think about a tubular radiator in a single row tubes version. However, if space is an issue, an alternative model with double rows (or with more columns) could be a good solution.

cascade single and double radiators

It is a relatively common problem that our existing single radiator does not warm our room to the appropriate temperature and there is not enough space to buy a larger one. In this case it is worth selecting a double radiator or a design radiator with multiple columns when we buy a new one.

red radiator agatha

By increasing the number of tube rows or columns we can increase output significantly within the same space. Almost all room radiators have a double version which can provide 40-75 percent more output and is only 3-5 centimetres wider than a single model (see for example the Agatha, the April, the Carlos, the Cascade, the Everest, the Fancy, the Marimba and the Max models).

marimba single and doubl .radiator

Regarding column radiators we have even more options because they are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 column options therefore we can increase the efficiency by 100 percent with this type of radiators(see for example the Alaska, the Essy and the Miss column radiators ).

essy column radiator

Moreover, we can find design radiators not only with double options but also in double panel plus convector models which can meet all expectations of sizes and outputs as well (see for example the Forum and the Team home radiators).

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