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Freshen up your home with new design radiators

Written by Friday, 05 July 2013 21:22


A summer renovation is the best occasion to choose new design radiators

In summer months it is worth scheduling not only our vacation but also refreshing our homes. Experience has shown that we should do the latter at least every three-five years and summer is the most appropriate season to freshen up our home without tension because we have enough time for it.


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At this time the replacement of old radiators may be necessary because there are several homes where the old radiators do not give enough heat and they are unable to provide comfortable warmth in rooms. In this case we can buy new tubular radiators in double row versions or column radiators with several columns.


Another reason the changing of the radiator is that we get bored with old heating devices and want to add new colour and energy to our rooms, kitchen or bathroom with a coloured radiator. We can buy cool radiators which wonderfully match the new colour scheme of our rooms or perfectly fit our latest idea about home interior.

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All in all, a summer renovation is the best occasion when we can choose new design radiators which are differently shaped than the old ones also because the interior painting dries past and we can clear away the contours of the old heating devices.

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And this summer rejuvenation will also take into account the new dimensions of the new towel radiator in our bathroom.

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