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A black radiator - the elegance of ebony

Written by Friday, 26 April 2013 13:45

design radiator essy

From artistic designer radiators to good budget radiators

A black radiator is probably one of the best choices when we don't want to buy a base white radiator, we don't like flash and aggressive colours or we haven't got a clear vision about the colour harmony of our room. So it is worth taking a close look at the advantages of black radiators.

 stone radiator sc night

slimline radiator delta

While black is associated with several negative features, the interior design (and the fashion design as well) use it widely and frequently. When black just doesn't meet the new trend, it is also used as a complementary colour.

black radiator labyrinth

Black is the colour of power, elegance and mystery. Therefore an artistic designer radiator in black colour can create a luxurious feeling and can lend a sophisticated touch to the room (see the SC Night stone radiator, the Magnum slimline radiator and the Labyrinth modern radiator in the picture above).

design radiator agatha

Furthermore, black works well with most colours of the spectrum. So a good budget radiator in this colour – thanks to its timeless appearance – can be integrated easily in any interior (see the Agatha design radiator in the picture above). However, the contrast of a black radiator and warm and brightly coloured (like orange) walls gives a strong visual impact.

design radiator essy

Also, a black radiator is a good heating solution in rooms where space is premium, because black colour has a space increasing effect (see the Essy vertical radiator in the picture above).
All in all, for those who are seeking a general-purpose coloured radiator or a luxury room radiator, a black radiator is a good deal (see the Tornado industrial style radiator in the picture below).

industrial style radiator tornado 03

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