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Focus is on heated towel rails

Written by Friday, 19 April 2013 12:57

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Not all the same

For a cursory glance, it might seem that most heated towel rails look the same, but if we take a closer look at them, we realize, that this is absolutely not true. Almost all of them differ from the rest, even if the differences are only small details such as thickness of tubes. No matter how small these differences may seem, they determine the overall image of a bathroom radiator.
So, practical heated towel rails are made with lots of kinds of tubes. Let’s find out a bit more about these countless different tube variations:

heated towel rail arsenal

Many models have the largest diameter of tubes by which their appearance becomes the strongest and more contrasted.
Also, apart from conventional round tube profiles, designers create towel warmers with very unusual tube profiles for example oval, triangular, rectangular, curved, flat and so on. In this way the appearance of heated towel rails became different such as slender, graceful, simple, elegant and ultra modern.

heated towel rails saxo

towel radiator decorative

The distance of horizontal towel bars has a similar effect. Of course, a coloured towel radiator with the longest distance of rails is more and more practical because you can put on your towels easily (see the Fizz heated towel rail in the picture below).

heated towel rail fizz

Additionally, it matters what material the towel radiator is made from, because a chrome or a stainless steel one is more elegant a bit (see the Himalaya, the Graffiti heated towel rails in the picture below).

heated towel rails himalaya

chrome radiators graffiti

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