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A versatile designer radiator

Written by Friday, 22 March 2013 11:46

Creative modern radiator

The Creative art radiator

While there are several new and creative concepts of designer radiators, the Creative contemporary radiator is an exceptionally exciting piece. It truly looks like a modern art object and can serve as a centrepiece of the room.

creative designer radiator 1

Creative 2011 A4

The Creative has an ultra-modern look and a unique structure. Its wavy lines give this designer radiator a unique and artistic appeal. Moreover, it offers several different formats as it is a variable model.

Creative contemporary radiator

You can put its elements together as you like. To do this you only need to remove and turn the elements to create the version you prefer. So you have ample freedom to choose the most suitable appearance for your radiator.

creative designer radiator 1

You can order this luxury radiator in vertical and horizontal versions. The former version is available in three widths while the latter version comes only in one size (see the technical drawing). The valves with this radiator are free of charge.

Creative designer radiators

This unique Metallic Aluminium Grey radiator, designed and manufactured in Italy, fits modern style interiors where it can create an amazing and special atmosphere.

Creative modern radiator

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