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Written by Friday, 18 January 2013 08:34

incognito designer radiator

Designer radiators with LED backlit

Since the appearance of heating devices is becoming more and more important, radiator manufacturers have their new models created by designers. As a result, more and more special and imaginative designer radiators come on the market. One of the innovations is that radiators are fitted with hidden LED lights, which give them a magnificent decorative effect. With this new additional "function", these coloured radiators can become really an amazing focal point of any room.
You can find easily modern contemporary radiators with LED backlit which are suitable for both rooms and bathrooms and you can select them in central heating and electric versions as well.

incognito designer radiator

Creating the harmony of functionality and aesthetic beauty with its refined design, the Incognito is a really elegant luxury room radiator (see in the picture above). Its version paintable with wall paint is the Incognito Paint. These room radiators have an even more special effect with LED-lights.

art radiator labyrinth.jpg

The Labyrinth (see in the picture above) is not only an artistic radiator but also a versatile one, because it fits very well with modern room and bathroom interiors. Furthermore, it is available in two sizes and in central heating and electric versions. Moreover, this decorative radiator can be ordered with or without LED backlit.

stretch artistic radiator.jpg

The incomparable and creative shape and LED backlit makes the Stretch luxury bathroom radiator both impressive and exciting (see in the picture above). This art radiator is perfectly suitable for modern bathroom interiors.

radiator with backlighting magnum

The Magnum flat designer radiator is suitable for modern flats and traditonal homes as well. Both room and bathroom versions of this model are available with backlighting.

designer radiator lighting elite

Elite designer radiator with spotlights

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