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What is the best radiator to replace the old cast iron one?

Written by Wednesday, 19 December 2012 22:01

design radiator essy

A designer column radiator from quality steel is the answer

These days there is still a sizeable percentage of older homes in the UK where traditional cast iron column radiators are installed. When it becomes necessary to replace these, we have to decide what kind of new radiator would be the best choice.
It is true that a cast iron radiator keeps the heat longer than others. However, a modern steel column radiator (in the same size) can provide higher output than a cast iron one.

 design radiator essy

home radiator alaska

Of course, if we insist on the appearance of our old radiator, we can easily buy very similar ones made of steel, such as the Essy , the Miss and the Alaska designer column radiators.

column radiators miss

The abovementioned models, especially their three and four column versions, nearly look like conventional cast iron radiators. Thanks to their wide range of sizes we can find easily a good horizontal radiator with the appropriate size and output, which can be installed in the place of our existing cast iron radiator.

essy column radiator

design radiators essy

These quality models are highly suitable for period homes, but these coloured radiators also suit any modern home interior well. The Essy and the Alaska can be ordered in 208 colours and the Miss in 40 colours without extra charge.

essy design radiator

column radiators alaska

In addition, these design radiators can be bought at an affordable price compared to traditional cast iron radiators.


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