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Order radiators online from the comfort of your home

Written by Tuesday, 04 December 2012 20:40

tribal luxury radiator

The extensive range of designer radiators

 There is no doubt, online shopping is very comfortable. As any product, these days you can also buy easily central heating radiators online. At home you have ample freedom and enough time to choose the most suitable radiator. The range is enormous. You can buy a great variety of heating devices from trendy and simple design radiators to amazing and imaginative designer radiators. This rich variety provides for several functions such as like room radiators, bathroom radiators, heated towel rails, room dividers and coat racks. Energy efficient and eco-friendly products (for example stone radiators and low temperature radiators) are also on sale.

designer radiator delta

Delta flat radiator

Before you select your radiator you need to get two important pieces of information from your heating engineer or plumber. First you should know the wattage of the radiator you need. This is a crucial data, because if you take a smaller one than necessary, your room will be underheated. Of course, you should not buy a bigger one either, because it is more expensive and takes up bigger space. Obviously, your plumber or heating engineer can calculate your heat output requirements easily.

design radiator essy

Essy column radiator

The other important thing to know is the connection features for your already existing central heating system. These days most radiators have 4 side connections, so they can be easily installed in heating systems. However, as some modern contemporary radiators of special size or unique design might have specific connection requirements. So it is necessary that you consult your plumber about it.

 towel radiator fizz

Fizz chrome towel radiator

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Rime horizontal towel radiator

tribal luxury radiator

Tribal stone radiator

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