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Coloured towel radiators that have become popular

Written by Tuesday, 06 November 2012 12:39


Look at some modern heated towel rails

Most bathrooms are equipped with a handy and useful towel ladder to dry towels and one or two small pieces of clothes. We also use it to warm our bathroom on chilly days. Coloured towel radiators with different shapes are recently becoming more popular instead of traditional white ones because they can give bathrooms updated design features and are not expensive anymore. Seeking a suitable towel ladder we can be satisfied with the selection because we can choose from endless variations of them. They are made with several – curved, flat, triangular, rectangular, oval, large and small diameter – tube profiles (see the Heios and the Helene bathroom radiators in the picture below).

towel rail radiators heios helene

Lots of kinds of tubes give heated towel rails different appearances such as ultra modern, elegant, refined or slender etc., which create special atmosphere in bathrooms (see the and the Serpentes and the Graffiti unique luxury bathroom radiators in the picture below).

coloured towel rails serpentes graffiti

These days we can reach the perfect colour harmony in our bathroom as well (see two examples, the Oddy and the Bond coloured radiators in the picture below). Trying to match the colour of tiles we can select towel radiators in a large number of colours.

coloured towel ladders oddy bond

It is also a great opportunity that some heated towel rails are available not only in wall fixed models but also as room divider radiators. The latter is also beneficial due to its practicality and space efficiency (see the Snail and the Veni modern radiators in the picture below).

towel radiators snail veni

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