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A decorative radiator as a focal point

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Incomparable art radiators

A decorative radiator can become a focal point of home interior just like a striking piece of furniture (such as an ultra modern sofa or an antique armchair). If you install an excellent art radiator, it will surely be the hotspot with its innovative and attractive design in your living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Think about which type of designer radiator can create an enjoyable and comfortable living space for you. For example, if you choose a magic contemporary radiator (see the Graffiti CH and the Modena radiators in the pictures above), it turns your room or bathroom into an exciting and dynamic area. With its superb artistic design a stone radiator (see the Origine and the Glass Dancer in the picture below) gives a sophisticated and calming effect to your living room and bedroom.

 art radiator glass dancer origine

Let's find out a bit more about some really decorative radiators:
The Sequenza & Labyrinth and Stretch designer radiators (see them in the pictures below) with their creative design are perfect for any modern interior. They are able to give character to your room or bathroom.

decorative radiators sequenza labirynth

modern radiators strech

The Cream E room divider radiator, the Pure Fusion stone radiator and Creative contemporary radiator (see in the picture below) are good choices for creating a nice interior. These unique and timeless heating devices complement all elegant interiors.

decorative radiator Cream Pure Fusion

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