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Black radiators - your mysterious friends!

Written by Thursday, 11 October 2012 11:10

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Which coloured radiator is the most suitable for you? Part 2

We dealt with trendy contemporary radiators in red colour in the previous post and now we take a close look at black radiators. One thing is certain, black is nor funereal neither gloomy, it is a modern, sophisticated and magic colour. So for those seeking to create a mysterious and personal atmosphere in their homes evoking a sense of potential and possibility that coloured radiator is the answer.

Black is mixed so easily with other colours of the spectrum, above all with white, red and silver and due to this a black radiator can be perfectly integrated in any room interior. You can make sure of this if you see in the pictures below how the Sculptural designer radiator fit in their surroundings.

 snia raditor Sculptural sur mesure

Of course, you can also buy several practical and general-purpose designer room radiators in black colour that have the advantage of moderate price besides the above mentioned ones. It's not easy to choose between the excellent Essy and the chic Agatha tubular radiators which you can see in the pictures below.

essy and agatha tubular radiators

We won't leave out bathroom radiators either. A graceful black towel radiator (like the Rex Bath flat panel radiator in the picture below) can turn your bathroom into a place of pleasure.

rex luxury towel radiator

In the next post we will find out a bit more about white radiators.

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