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Red radiators - for lively rooms

Written by Sunday, 07 October 2012 10:46

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Which coloured radiator is the most suitable for you? Part 1

A stylish coloured radiator can create the special feeling in your home that you might be missing. Installing a designer radiator of the desired colour is one of the best and easiest ways to change the atmosphere of the room. This blog post deals with red radiators and their mood effects.

Red is a dramatic colour, it is the colour of power, passion, energy and strength. Red stimulates the brain and the appetite. This is the reason that a ruby red flat panel radiator – such as the Solo radiator or the Rex radiator in the pictures below – is perfect for a dining room, a living room and for any room where you want to stimulate activity.


Used as a background, white highlights other colours well. There is no doubt that red also works well with white, because it captures your eye in a white interior. A good example for this is the Zumba tubular radiator (in the picture below) which stands out from its surroundings not only with its unexpected colour but also with its attractive shape.

red radiator agatha

Despite the fact that designers advise against the heavy usage of red in bedrooms in order to ensure a calm environment for sleeping, it is, of course, up to you to decide which colours you want to have in your bedroom. So what is your decision – would you choose a luxury stone radiator or a trendy designer column radiator (like the Tribal and the Essy models in the pictures below)?


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