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Creative solutions with kitchen radiators

Written by Monday, 01 October 2012 10:15

living room coloured radiator

Coloured column, tubular and panel radiators can make your kitchen look stylish

There comes a time when our kitchen radiators need to be replaced. Lively coloured radiators, cosy flat panel radiators or chic column and tubular radiators are all good choices because they serve not only as functional heating devices but also as decorative pieces of our kitchens these days.

max design radiator

kitchen 1

Agatha tubular radiator & Essy column radiator

Rex flat panel radiator

Naturally, we do not need to install expensive luxury radiators in the kitchen, moderately priced central heating radiators can achieve the required effect as well. However, it is also nice if new kitchen radiators can add a touch of modernity to our kitchen. In order to achieve this, we can, for example, select designer radiators and budget radiators with inviting or unexpected colours.

kittchen radiators 8

Everest and the Forum designer radiators

max design radiator

Max vertical radiator

Furthermore, to create an exciting kitchen interior, we can choose tubular radiators with unique tube profiles. With their trendy appearance they can give a cheerful style to our kitchen. For those who prefer a more traditional style, an elegant flat panel radiator might be the best choice.

kitchen radiators.5.jpg

Beverly panel radiator & Geo horizontal radiator

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