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Stone radiators in individual colours and designs

Written by Wednesday, 29 August 2012 10:38

towel radiator sculptural

A luxury radiator, The Sculptural

It is widely known that the latest interior design trends feature natural materials and environmentally friendly products and the Sculptural luxury radiator admittedly suits these requirements perfectly.
This radiator is made of a special natural white stone. Its colours and finishes are produced by hand in France, so every radiator is eco-friendly and unique. 

sculptural bathroom stone radiator

made by hand 2

Moreover due to its special technology and colouring requirements, the Sculptural, like the other stone radiators, is manufactured in individual colours and textures. Furthermore, the Sculptural is also an energy efficient radiator thanks to the very good diffusion of thermal energy in its special material, namely in the natural stone.

sculptural designer radiator

Like its special material and technology, the appearance of the Sculptural luxury radiator is exceptional as well. As the name implies, the Sculptural has a superb artistic design. It comes in two variations, such as a room and a bathroom models. Let’s find out a bit more about these ones:

The Sculptural stone radiator is available in four sizes and in different outputs. Apart from the central heating radiator, you can select it in electric version as well.

snia raditor Sculptural sur mesure


The Sculptural Bath stone radiator is suitable for bathrooms and private indoor swimming pools. It comes in one size and in central heating and electric versions.

towel radiator sculptural

stone radiator sculptural

Finally, I should note, The Sculptural radiator is not a low cost radiator but it is definitely worth it for those who can afford it.


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