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rex luxury towel radiator

The Rex designer radiator – in many variations

rex flat radiator

For those seeking to create a uniform effect in their homes, the Rex designer radiator is the answer. This completely flat panel radiator is the perfect heating solution to several interiors with its simplest appearance. Furthermore, thanks to its slim shape the Relax designer radiator is also perfect for homes where the space is at a premium.

The Rex, designed and manufactured in Italy, comes in five variations namely three room and two bathroom models. Therefore you can surely choose a right one to each room of your house. Here is some additional information about five models of the Relax designer radiator:

There is a wide selection of the Rex. This model is available in several sizes and 208 colours. Additionally, you can also select it in hot water and electric versions.

rex design radiator.2

The Rex Paint is a unique designer radiator because it can be painted any colour with wall paint.

rex flat panel radiator

With satiniert stainless steel front panel, the Rex ST is an extremely elegant designer radiator. It is available in a rich variety of sizes.

rex stainless steel radiator

The Rex Bath designer radiator provides bathrooms perfect comfort with its decorative towel hanger. It is suitable for different heating types and available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

rex luxury towel radiator

The Rex Bath ST designer radiator matches perfectly bathroom accessories such as basin taps and shower sets. This model is also supplied with a decorative towel hanger.

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