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Radiator placement

Written by Thursday, 15 August 2019 11:05

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Designer radiators under the windows or behind the doors

The placing of the radiators is important, both in terms of the comfortable feeling and the furnishing of the apartment – and not least in terms of efficient and economical heating.
Experts emphasize that the radiators should preferably be placed on the outside walls, under the windows in order to optimize the temperature distribution in the room. Placing radiators under the windows is beneficial not only because of air circulation but also the optimal space utilization, especially in smaller bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

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There is a large selection of horizontal radiators for the living rooms and bedrooms, so customers can choose from many models.
However, the situation is different with regard to horizontal bathroom radiators. Manufacturers offer little selection of horizontal towel radiators that fit under bathroom or kitchen windows (or possibly under a kitchen countertop or over a bathtube).

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In rooms with no external walls or without windows, such as internal corridors and staircases, the placement of the radiators can be influenced by the location of the doors, also possibly by the draught directions, and even by the available of options for furnishing. The narrow vertical radiators are recommended in these rooms. Due to adjacent heated rooms, lower radiator power may be sufficient in such interiors.
In terms of space saving, vertical radiators are also best suited for rooms with French doors and windows, where they can even be located behind a door.

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