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From mirror radiators to coat rack radiators

Written by Tuesday, 20 September 2016 16:29

bravo mirror

'Two in one' solutions

Furnishing a fairly small flat requires a lot of thought, for example, how you can maximize the use of the wall areas, especially in the bathroom, in the hallway and in the corridor. These days several types of radiators offer different solutions to these problems as they can be used not only for heating but also for other functions.

Many people live in a small apartment, where every centimetre counts, therefore they should really choose a radiator that offers multiple functions. This aspect is worth considering in the case of larger homes as well, if not designer radiators are placed.

mike designer radiator

Mike room divider radiator

One of the most obvious options is a room divider radiator. This kind of radiator is mounted perpendicular to the wall, so it requires only little wall space and it can separate the room or bathroom from parts with different functions.

towel radiator veni

Veni heated towel rail

A mirror radiator can be recommended for small homes not only because it has several functions, but also because it can create an optically larger space. On the other hand, such a radiator can also be a decorative object in a large apartment.

mirror radiator excellent

Venus mirror radiator


Real mirror radiator

A noteworthy 'two in one' solution is a coat rack radiator as well. In addition to the heating, it dries the wet coat, hat and umbrella.

hallway radiator boom

Boom mirror radiator

coat rack radiator mars

Mars coat rack radiator

You can dry only towels or small pieces of clothes on a common heated towel rail. Today you can also buy models which can replace a conventional clothes airer, because you can dry big pieces of clothes on it.


Cactus heated towelrail


Dryer towel radiator

Finally, you can also choose a very imaginative “shelf” radiator from the wide range of radiators. On this designer model, you can store countless things from a hair-dryer to tissues you might need in the bathroom.

voros.g designer radiators 5

Voros G bathroom radiator

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