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A dual fuel towel rail can be very handy

Written by Friday, 28 November 2014 12:59

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Towel radiators for all seasons

Why can be a dual fuel towel rail be very handy in a bathroom? It might not be widely known to everyone that there are heated towel rails which are not only connected to the central heating system but also can be powered by an electric element. Therefore we can switch this radiator on and off independently, even if it's connected to the central heating system.

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Saxo heated towel rail

towel rail radiators heios helene

Heios and Helene towel radiators

It is very beneficial in the summer months, when the central heating system is not running; we can switch to this electric element to dry our towels and small pieces of clothes. Obviously, we can also use them to warm up our cold bathroom to a comfortable temperature especially in the spring and autumn period.

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Arsenal heated towel rail


Bonanza towel rail

In a dual fuel version, heated towel rails are mainly available, but you can find some flat panel radiator models as well that run on a combination of both central heating and electricity.

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Forum bathroom radiator

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