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Radiators and heated towel rails in all colours of the rainbow

Written by Monday, 03 November 2014 12:33

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Black radiators are the most popular

Coloured radiators are gaining popularity in among customers. The most preferred goods are black radiators despite the fact that designer radiators are nowadays available in all colours of the rainbow. (Of course, the previous statement is only true if we do not consider traditional white radiators as coloured ones.)

rex flat radiator

Black flat radiator: Rex

There is no doubt, a black radiator is suitable for most environments. It can be equally ideal for both modern and traditional homes as a decorative heating device.

black radiator labirinth

Black bathroom radiator: Labirinth

design radiator essy

Black radiator: Essy

Black designer radiators are followed by grey radiators in the colour rankings. Though all shades of grey are loved by people, the most popular one remains anthracite grey.

grey radiator agathe

Grey radiator: Agatha

designer radiator speed

Grey stone radiator: Speed

Brown radiators are also one of the best-selling ones, mainly as a room radiator. Brown works well with white and warm colours, especially light and dark cream colours.

horizontal radiator max

Brown radiator: Max

Do you think that red, yellow and lilac are trendy radiator colours now? Many people – who consider radiators not only as a functional appliance but also a piece of furniture – select designer radiators in these vivid colours.

marimba horizontal radiator.3

Red radiator: Marimba

red heated towel rail

Red towel radiator: Cool

These red room radiators, yellow kitchen radiators and lilac bathroom radiators can really become the focal points of your home interior.

kittchen radiators 8

Claret and yellow radiators: Everest and Forum

heated towel rail saxo

Lilac heated towel rail: Saxo

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