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Bathroom radiators in a new role

Written by Tuesday, 08 July 2014 10:54

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Buy a towel radiator instead of a clothes airer

It is good news that designers nowadays not only focus on making towel radiators more decorative, but also on making them more practical.



Dryer bathroom radiator

Bathroom radiators have always been capable of drying towels and a few small clothing items, however these days a growing number of towel radiators are coming on the market which are able to perfectly function as conventional clothes airers.


heated clothes airer joker 10


Joker towel radiator

These design radiators, which can serve as a heated clothes airer, do not lack creativity. They can be opened in different and often surprising ways and most of them can be used as a shelf.

Joker chrome bathroom radiator

In addition, apart from the rich functionality and rapid drying of clothes, space efficiency is one of the key positives of these designer radiators as this way we do not have to store a traditional clothes airer. Moreover, small models can be fitted above the bathtub and the toilet.



Bonanza heated towel rail

The wide variety of sizes and colour options, and the fact that some of these bathroom radiators are also available in an electric version allows you to find the towel radiator that matches your bathroom perfectly.


Cactus bathroom radiator

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