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Asymmetrical towel radiators gaining popularity

Written by Senia Radiator Saturday, 03 May 2014 10:27

disco bathroom radiator

Similarly the other unusual heated towel rails

Towel radiators have become a standard element of bathrooms in the last two decades. We have now reached a point where many people are looking for heated towel rails with non-conventional shapes that differ from the standard rectangular and ladder-like ones. This is the main reason behind the rapidly increasing popularity of asymmetric towel dryer radiators.

 asymmetric radiator rock

Rock asymmetric towel radiator

 People have quickly recognized that towel radiators are very useful in the bathroom in more than one way, since they are capable of drying towels and a few small pieces of clothes quickly, in addition to their basic function that is heating the room.

disco bathroom radiator

Disco asymmetrical bathroom radiator

Naturally, designers continuously modernise this practical bathroom equipment and as a result, apart from common ladder radiators, more and more outstanding towel radiator models come to the market.

blues towel radiator

Blues asymmetric heated towel rail

An increasingly popular type of the re-defined models is the asymmetrical towel radiator. Thanks to its non-typical appearance it grabs your attention. This unusual designer radiator not only turns your bathroom into a comfortable area of your home but also adds a touch of modernity to it.

asymmetric towel radiator heios 09

Heios towel radiator

chrome towel radiator zizzi

Zizzi chrome radiator

Just like the other heated towel rails, these bathroom radiators are also made with different – round, flat, square etc. – tube profiles and are available in different heating types, such as hot water, electric and dual fuel radiator.

asymmetrical towel radiator cinema 09

Cinema asymmetrical towel heater

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