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Designer radiators - used in a variety of functions

Written by Tuesday, 10 December 2013 09:29

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Successful combinations of form and function

Today some modern radiators – apart from heating, their fundamental function – can be used for a variety of purposes. Especially in those areas where space is limited, a designer radiator can come very handy by serving in multiple functions. These innovative heating solutions can be bought with mirrors, shelves and hooks, therefore they can serve as a coat rack or a shelf.

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A coat rack radiator in the hallway or a studio flat is an ideal place to keep and dry our coats, scarves, caps and umbrellas. Moreover, if you buy one with a shelf, you can keep keys there and never have to look for it .

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Also, these multifunctional radiators are useful in a bathroom to hang and heat bathrobes and towels, so that you get to use a warm bathrobe at the end of your bath.

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Some creative bathroom radiators offer interesting designs and are a successful combination of form and storing and drying function.

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towel radiator dryer

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