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Glass and mirror radiators - wizards of the heating and space increasing

Written by Friday, 15 March 2013 11:21

salon and odette

Look at some magic and functional designer radiators

It happens that one is lacking in space, but the walls cannot be extended. Or can they? A mirror in the right place can create an open-feeling space. Moreover if the mirror is a mirror radiator, we can kill two birds with one stone: we make our room appear larger than its actual size and save even the space of the heating device.

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So mirror radiators are great tools to define an area in a larger room. In addition, they help to maximize the light and sheds light on dark areas.

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Of course a designer radiator with a mirror is not only a functional piece of your home but also a stylish one. The magic visual effect created by the mirror can change the whole atmosphere of the flat.

savoy mirror radiator

Glass radiators have similar amazing features. As the light partly passes through the glass and is partly reflected from it, a glass radiator can also increase the dimension of the room. The transparent glass surface gives the designer radiator an airy and graceful effect. On top of this a glass radiator fits very well in any room and bathroom interiors.



Should you decide to choose either an elegant glass radiator or a reflective mirror radiator, you are assured, the result will be marvellous.

salon and odette


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