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Not a common designer radiator

Written by Friday, 01 March 2013 10:40

voros.g design radiator 1

The Voros G – the Irresistible

It has been mentioned repeatedly in our posts that the role of radiators has changed significantly in the past few years, because contemporary designer radiators with their conspicuous forms and colours have become an integral and unavoidable part of interior design.
In addition to the decorative appearance, lots of contemporary radiators are made which, apart from heating, have another function as well. The Voros G designer radiator symbolizes perfectly all the above mentioned features.

voros.g modern radiator 2

The Voros G is really a heating piece which is more of a piece of furniture than a radiator. Looking at it superficially, the Voros G does not look like a coloured radiator but a modern practical shelf where you can store towels, bathrobes etc. So it is a really unique and creative heating solution.

voros.g luxury radiator 3

The appearance of the Voros G is characterized by angular form and structural design which can be enhanced even more by a special colour because all 208 RAL Classic colours can be supplied without extra charge.

vrs.g electric.radiator 4

You can order the Voros G in two different sizes, namely in a three-shelf and a five-shelf variations. It is available in different heating types such as a hot water radiator with free coloured valves and an electric radiator.

voros.g designer radiators 5

This fantastic Italian luxury radiator, which offers additional storage space, can serve very well as a bathroom radiator, hall radiator as well as a room radiator.

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