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Quality stainless steel radiators - eternel pieces

Written by Friday, 22 February 2013 10:15

carlos ST 09

Efficiency, durability, style

Stainless steel radiators can be safely recommended to everyone who is seeking an elegant and timeless heating device to their home. They look pretty good as heated towel rails, flat radiators as well as tubular radiators and fit almost all home décor (see the Minerva and the Himalaya stainless steel radiators in the pictures below).

minerva 02


Stainless steel is one of the best radiator materials in all respects. It is a high quality, durable and scratch-resistant material. The most favorable feature of the stainless steel is that it does not rust. So a stainless steel radiator is an eternal piece, which will never break down (see the Carlos ST tubular radiator in the picture below).

carlos ST 09

Another advantage of stainless steel is the efficient heat conductivity therefore a stainless steel radiator – like a cast iron heating device – keeps warm long after you turn off central heating (see the Snail ST contemporary radiator in the picture below).

snail st towel radiator

Stainless steel radiators are most popular with people who like metallic lustre because this material gives a very attractive finish. However, several radiators are made with satin or brushed finishes thus everyone can choose the right one. Not incidentally, stainless steel radiators are easy to keep clean. You just wipe them down with a detergent wet cloth then polish them with a soft dry cloth and they are shiny again (see the Rex Bath ST, Delta ST vertical radiators in the pictures below).

Rex Solo luxury radiators

delta stainless steel radiator

Now stainless steel is used for radiators with various functions such as practical bathroom radiators and elegant room radiators. These modern pieces combine the outstanding features of the material and stylish design. They are characterized by modern shapes and lines (see the Cream room divider in the picture below).

 cream luxury room radiator

Of course, high quality has its price. Stainless steel radiators are usually more expensive than other ones.

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