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A flat panel radiator as an integral part of the room

Written by Friday, 15 February 2013 09:58

incognito designer radiator.1.jpg

The Incognito, a decent designer radiator

In our posts we usually call attention to creative designer radiators with unusual shapes, which – based on contemporary design concepts - can become eye-caching and extremely decorative pieces of rooms. Now, however, we recommend an excellent flat panel radiator to you, which will blend into all interiors.
With its simple structure and clean design, the Incognito luxury room radiator can complement perfectly any types of home décor. This is especially true if we take a look at its model version, the Incognito Paint, which is paintable with wall paint. This means if you paint this slimline radiator the wall paint of your wall, it will blend into the wall and only its contours emerge from the surface.

incognito paint radiator.2

In this way you can create an especially compact effect in your room because the radiator becomes an integral part of the interior.

incognito paintable radiator.1.jpg

As both models of the Incognito are available with LED backlit, you can increase the magic appearance even more with a special light effect.

incognito designer radiator

Of course, the Incognito is also available in 208 RAL colours. So you can choose a suitable coloured radiator for the colour harmony of you room. In this case, the elegance of the radiator is the dominant feature.

incognito flat panel radiator.1.jpg

It is worth mentioning about the Incognito that it is a central heating radiator designed and manufactured in Italy.

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