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A chrome radiator: timeless elegance

Written by Friday, 08 February 2013 09:37

chrome radiators micro

For those who like the metallic lustre

Today chrome radiators are the second most popular ones after the traditional white radiators. It is not surprising, that the chrome is preferred by customers because it is a modern, durable and scratch-resistant material. Additionally, a chrome towel radiator, for example, is a stylish and timeless piece of a bathroom, with which you cannot get bored (see the Tolmezzo and the Gondola heated towel rails in the picture below).

tolmezzo chrome towel rail

gondola heated towel rail

People buy mainly chrome radiators to their bathroom. Primarily because they match perfectly bathroom accessories such as basin taps and shower sets. Moreover, chrome towel radiators fit any colour of tiles and walls (see the Fizz, the Cool and the Zizzi heated towel rails in the pictures below).

chrome towel rails

chrome towel radiator zizzi

It is also important that a chrome radiator with reflective and shiny surface – as a mirror – can enhance the bathroom space and can create a clean and graceful effect (see the Decorative luxury bathroom radiator in the pictures below).

decorative chrome radiator

However, thanks to the contemporary design concepts, these days chrome radiators are gaining popularity in kitchen and room interiors as well. Many people dress up their kitchen with the lustre of metallic chrome. Also, high tech style in room interior design is characterized by gleaming chrome surfaces (see the Micro and the Minerva radiators in the pictures below).

micro chrome radiator

chrome radiator minerva.2

Not incidentally, chrome radiators require very little maintenance. You should only clean them with an alkaline and non abrasive cleaner then polish them with a soft dry cloth (see the Sandra luxury room radiator and the Agatha room design radiator in the picture below).

chrome radiators

After all, a chrome radiator is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance and if you prefer the polished and bright look, it is a good and thrifty choice, as stainless steel is more costly.

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