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The best radiators for me

Written by Saturday, 17 November 2012 18:41

designer stone radiator oriental

Which designer radiators could replace the old ones

I would venture to say that if we modernized our house now, I would replace all the old white radiators with new ones. One of my reasons is that we can kill two birds with one stone: get through the hassle of renovation and install new and beautiful pieces of furniture, that is, coloured radiators. Today a number of design radiators – room radiators and bathroom radiators as well - are available, which really appeal to me as opposed to characterless old ones which are only installed for their functionality.
Let's look at my best radiators:

best radiator oriental

I do not like the monotony so I would put different models in every room. Obviously, the living room and the dining room deserve spending more money on them. So I would buy two luxury radiators to these rooms, namely the Oriental timeless stone radiator (see in the picture above) which is the perfect synthesis of artistic design and energy efficiency and the Dream ST elegant designer radiator (see in the picture below), which is a successful and fascinating combination of materials (glass-steel and stainless steel-steel).

best radiator dream glass 

Two fashionable budget radiators (see in the pictures below) would be perfect in the bedrooms because we spend fairly little time in these areas. In the bigger one I would put a simple black radiator, for example the Paul, which matches the colours of curtains and the bedcover. In the smaller bedroom, there is little space, the Marimba vertical radiator would be the good solution.

best radiators marimba paul

My favourite item is the Voros G contemporary radiator (see in the picture below). This luxury bathroom radiator is a triumph of design and utility. I can imagine it easily in our upstairs big bathroom. The Nux bathroom radiator (see in the picture below) would suit the downstairs bathroom. It is a trendy towel radiator with its rectangular tubes.

best radiators voros g nux

I have no doubt that the Agatha chrome radiator (see in the picture below) would fit to the chrome surfaces of the kitchen very well. I very much like the Bravo coat rack radiator because apart from making the entrance hall warm I can throw my coat over it.

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